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What is student evaluation?

What is student evaluation?:
To most people evaluation means testing, but to educators evaluation is much more. Evaluation refers to a broad range of activities and tasks including observation, worksheets, essays, presentation, group work, performances and more traditional forms of testing. It's important to look at the issue of evaluation by thinking about why teachers evaluate.
The main reason teachers evaluate is to find out what students have learned—the outcome of the instruction. This information is used in two ways: first to inform the teachers about their teaching and what needs to be taught next and second, to make a judgement about how well students have learned the knowledge or skill being taught. Evaluation is a systematic process that involves a variety of activities.
Teachers gather information about student achievement informally and formally. Informal evaluation is used by the teacher to provide feedback to students and to check for understanding in the teaching and learning process. Informal evaluation activities include observation of students as they work in groups, pretests, short classroom assignments, practice tasks, oral questioning and discussion. Formal evaluation is used to judge student achievement; that is, how well the student has learned the knowledge and/or skills. Students are marked on formal evaluation tasks and this mark is usually part of their report card grade. These evaluation tasks can include projects, writing assignments, performances, tests, reports and research.
Student report card marks are based on a number of different evaluation activities over an extended time. Teachers are careful to use many opportunities to evaluate students before they make a judgement about a student's achievements. Marking a single test or project does not give the teacher enough information to offer a complete picture of the student's abilities. As well, not everything students are expected to learn can be marked on a pencil and paper test. That's why a teacher's judgement about student achievement is a more complete evaluation than a single test like the achievement or diploma exams.
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