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Most Common Reasons Why High School Students Get Bad Grades

Most Common Reasons Why High School Students Get Bad Grades
High school may be a challenging time for many students, both socially and educationally. A student is exercising his new independence that he did not have in junior high. Receiving bad grades at this time could have a detrimental effect on a student's future goals and cause him to reluctantly accept new goals if he cannot raise his grades.
Work Hours
Once in high school, students may get part-time jobs to earn extra spending money or begin to save for college. It is important that the student learn how to manage his time and not work too many hours, since this interferes with study time. Working late-night hours makes the student inattentive during the school day, causing a drop in grade performance.
Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular school activities are a great way to showcase talents and interact with peers. Signing up for too many extra activities may cause a student to procrastinate on assignments or simply be too busy with other activities to complete assignments. Some sports activities require students to practice daily after school. The student should develop a schedule for working on homework either before or after practice, but not wait until the last minute.
Peer Pressure
Students that choose to hang out with the "wrong crowd" may receive negative messages about school and develop apathy toward making high grades. This peer pressure may lead to other devastating effects besides low grades if an adult does not intervene. The student has to take control of her his success and seek new friends.
Poor Study Habits
Some students do not know how to study correctly and have never been taught this skill. Proper note-taking and review are important study components that the student uses beyond high school. Taking concise notes to document information and daily review may lead to higher grades. The student should seek the assistance of a teacher, parent or older sibling to discuss study methods.
Lack of Comprehension
The student may struggle because she does not understand the assignment or the course. In this case, she should discuss her lack of knowledge with the teacher to receive assistance. The teacher may assign a tutor or supplementary materials. Waiting too long to get help results in grades that cannot be raised.

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